Showcasing: One Sweet Design

For this installment of Monvera's Designer Showcase series, we're featuring the amazing work of One Sweet Design. Clara Meinen is the owner, designer and creative director of One Sweet Design. She feels very lucky that she can proudly say, “I love what I do.” As you'll see below in our interview with Clara, she specializes in package design, identity, collateral and interactive design for boutique wineries

One Design for "One Man."
"Aonair was my first packaging project designed specifically for silk screen printing. Owner and winemaker, Grant Long Jr., wanted a label that paid homage to his family heritage that simultaneously represented a modern sensibility. The word Aonair means “one man” in Gaelic and serves as a tribute to his Irish roots and designing a unique coat of arms to represent the Hannigan family was an important part of my task. Many coat of arms labels already exist, so this brand needed to stand out from the rest.

After researching the mandatory coat of arms design elements, I knew I had to include the three martlets in a chevron shape enclosed in a crest. The rest was open to creative freedom. The form of the crest and the thoughtful ornamentation surrounding it acted as the finishing touch.

The registration of the white martlets being in such close proximity to the precious metal gold crest was a challenge, but Monvera pulled it off with grace."

Modern Touch to a Traditional Look
"When Frisinger Family Vineyard looked to bring their former label back to life, they wanted a design that honored their heritage and paid homage to their father’s passion for the land. By combining a classic serif typeface with the hand-illustrated script, the desired feeling of tradition and quality was achieved.

The textural modern appliqué label, along with the gold silkscreen artwork, gives a fresh perspective on traditional design. A classic crest made with vines will represent Frisinger Family Vineyard for years to come. Timeless elegance and stunning modernity are what this label and wine have in common.

With the one color design we wanted the printing to still have depth. By utilizing precious metal gold, which has a natural reflective and ever changing tonal color, we were able to achieve a versatile quality for the feature front label. And to save on cost we used ceramic gold on the back label. "


A design that "JACKS" it out of the park
"When professional baseball players Chris Iannetta & Vernon Wells wanted to create their own, ordinary just wasn’t going to suffice.  Bonding over a great bottle of wine is what brought them together and they wanted JACK to garner the same result for others.
The primary brand mark is an ambigram, which means you can read it both right-side up and up-side down. This makes JACK legible when the bottle is resting on the table as well as when it’s being poured. I’ve always taken a special interest in the social connotation of wine and the treatment of this particular mark allowed for a more playful, inviting design. The red stitches are a subtle nod to America’s favorite pastime and serve as a finishing detail.

The translucency of a flint bottle allows consumers to see the beauty of white wine, but the traditional front/back label alignment for silk screen can pose as a problem when one can see through to the other side. For this reason, all the brand and legal copy has been placed on the side of the label allowing for an unobstructed visual path."