Showcasing: Kraftwerk Design

For this installment of Monvera's Designer Showcase series, we're featuring the insightful werk, er, work of Kraftwerk Design. Their ongoing label creation for one client in particular, Center of Effort, is breaking new boundaries when it comes to optimizing design for screen printing. 

The Power of Simplicity

When Center of Effort first approached Kraftwerk about the project, the winemaker was hesitant about designing their wine brand as a silkscreen package. To reflect its fine quality and premium price point as well as to complement the iconic simplicity of the brand, Kraftwerk Design felt strongly that the silkscreen approach would be the best solution and help the brand stand out. The result is a simple and elegant package that conveys the essence of the brand and quality of the wine inside the bottle.


Perfect registration will do just nicely

Printing the Kraftwerk design using precious metal ink and ceramic inks in tandem, two very unique ink compositions, presented a challenge. Since ceramic ink repels precious metal ink, (they don't mix, and shouldn't mingle), the order of ink lay down was critical in order to accommodate the classic elegance of the Center of Effort logo. Accurate positioning was key, requiring a careful laydown of inks within print tolerance, yet without direct contact. On the Center of Effort Specialty Wines, which incorporate a solid color around the entire bottle, it was equally critical to make sure that the full wrap, or label embrace if you will, was the perfect hug.