Showcasing: John Schall Design

For this installment of Monvera's Designer Showcase series, we're featuring the iconic work of John Schall from John Schall Design. With dozens of award-winning labels in his portfolio, John shared with us a few insights about labels he has created, and printed, with Monvera Glass Décor. 

A label even cartographers would love

"The Anthem bottle represents the proprietors' passion for detail and the winemaking process in a beautiful and contemporary package. The topographic map wrapping around the bottle represents the contour of the land around the winery, and the star marks their exact location. On the back, there is a graphic illustration of the terroir including each of the steps of the winemaking process expressed in minute detail. The proprietors, vineyard manager and winemaker signed their initials to their specific areas of expertise. The package is meant to be beautiful and informative while maintaining a strong brand presence."


Silky and smooth. Same goes for the dessert wine

"The client wanted a package that would not only draw attention, but showcase this delicately sweet and delicious dessert wine. This label, Malvasia Bianca, is silkscreened directly onto the glass, almost entwining the whole bottle. The vines frame the Blacksmith monogram and logo at the top, then creep and coil onto the back label, and, because the wine is translucent, the vine design is evident while viewing the front label. The color black was selected in order to delicately suggest wrought iron work, to compliment the existing Blacksmith logo, and to provide contrast to the glow of the golden dessert wine."


Grabbing attention down the aisle


"The iconic Eight Arms Cellars' octopus image envelopes the bottle as if it’s grasping the wine. Having just the tentacles of the octopus in the front of the bottle invites consumers to pick up the bottle and take a closer look. Once in their hands, they are pleasantly surprised by the way the rest of the octopus wraps around the entire bottle as they turn it. This dramatic effect has a powerful impact on the consumer."