Advantages of Screen Printing Glass Bottles vs. Paper Labels

Our ads are the only paper we use.

Our ads are the only paper we use.

Screen-printing offers practical advantages over paper labels, because it eliminates the cost of label application and is more durable. First, silkscreen decorated bottles arrive at the bottling line ready to be filled, eliminating the cost and time required to operate a labeling machine or hand-apply labels. A second practical advantage is the extreme durability of a ceramic screen-printed label. A ceramic label won’t tear, rip or wrinkle during shipping and handling, and it won’t be damaged by spills in an on-premise environment. This reduces waste and ensures that your brand always looks its best.


The brand owner who chooses screen-printing is seeking a unique or prestigious look. Whereas screen-printing is often associated with high-end packages, it can be used to create a higher perceived value for products at any price point. It reinforces the prestige of the brand and supports the retail price point. Specialty inks such as precious gold and silver can also be used to underscore the quality of the product. These metallic inks deliver the richness and sparkle of true gold or silver, and the luxury perception that comes with it.


Expanded Design Options

Screen printing offers exciting design possibilities and the technique can be applied across all design styles, ranging from the classic and sophisticated to bold and fun. From a branding perspective, screen-printing enables your entire bottle to serve as a canvas of visual expression. A full-wrap label, be it on a round or square bottle, can maximize the graphic impact of your design. The consumer will hold that bottle in their hand for just a little bit longer than normal as they turn the bottle around to view the entire label.