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The first thing people notice about a screen printed bottle is the smooth and elegant paperless look. There’s no adhesive, no frayed paper edges, and no chance of ripping or scuffing. Applied Ceramic Labels (ACL) are actually baked into the surface of the glass for a label as durable as the bottle itself – and a look that really stands out on store shelves. Give your bottle the paperless treatment with stylish, screen printed bottles that set your products apart from the rest. (Need even more reasons to screen print your label on glass? Check 'em out here.)

Stand out on the shelf with Screen Printed bottles

Less than 1% of wine labels are screen printed today. In a market saturated by paper labels, screen printing can help your products stand out on store shelves. In the past, screen printing was used mainly for premium wines and spirits, but lowered production costs now make it a viable option for value wines, all spirits, beers, non-alcoholic beverages, and food items such as olive oils and vinegars.

Screen Printing design options

Ideal for printing labels of 1 to 10 (yes 10!) colors, screen printing also offers design options that are not possible with paper labels. For instance, screen printed art can wrap around the full circumference of the bottle, and letting bottle space show through a label can create a look that is unachievable with paper.

Compared to paper labels, screen printing offers significant practical advantages:

Contact us about the wide range of colors at your disposal, including precious metal inks such as gold, silver and copper. Our art team will help make your switch from paper labels practically effortless.