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Unique bottle decoration. Screen printed labels on glass.
Your alternative to paper labels.

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We print glass bottles, but we craft relationships. We understand that your packaging has a powerful influence on buying behavior. So whether you want to refresh a current brand or launch a new one, screen printed labels will make your brand stand out. After all, it's more than just art, ink and glass on the line. It's your business.

Premium design options

  • Neck printing
  • Shoulder printing
  • Wraps
  • Specialty inks

Printing options

  • ACL printing
  • UV printing
  • Bottle etching

Neck printing

Replace the capsule and design all the way up!
A printed bottle neck extends the branding of your screen printed wine label.

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Shoulder printing

Now screen printed labels can explore the shape of the bottles shoulder.

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360 degrees Bottle labeling
Now you can fill the entire bottle with your design and story

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Specialty inks

Premium inks elevates the branding for screen printed wine & spirits labels.

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ACL printing

Less than 1% of wine labels are screen printed (otherwise known as applied ceramic labeling) today. In a market saturated by paper labels, screen printed labels can help your products stand out on store shelves. In the past screen printing on wine and spirits bottles was only used for premium wines and spirts, but improved production processes now make it a viable options for value wines, all spirits, beers, non-alcholic beverages, and food items such as olive oils and vinegars.


UV printing

Our UV screen printing offers you the bright color palate and new design options with 4 color process printing on glass. Coming in 2015. Contact us for more information.


Bottle etching

Single out your tasting room, wine club or special event bottles with hand-etched wine bottles.

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Discover screen printing by Monvera

Equal parts art and science, screen printing on your glass bottle helps add luster, bolster brand equity and enhance label durability. Here you can explore the variety of benefits of screen printing your labels on bottles as only Monvera can show you.

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why screen printing

Why Screen Printing?

Equal parts art and science, screen printing on your glass bottle helps add luster, bolster brand equity and enhance label durability. Here you can explore the variety of benefits of screen printing your labels on bottles as only Monvera can show you.


Brand stands out on the shelf better than a paper label.

Why follow the masses with a conventional paper label when you can differentiate in the place it matters most: retail.

Create stopping power with designs that capture the eye and the imagination

Extend your brand and tell your story on a variety of locations on your bottle.

Your label's best side? How about all of them.

Design your brand and show off your story no matter how your bottle is positioned on the shelf

Your label just got waterproofed

Let no table-side ice bucket or picnic cooler destroy the label you've invested so much in.

Eliminates the tearing, scuffing, fading, bubbling or wrinkling of traditional paper labels.

Increased label durability comes standard with any screen printed bottle

Improved bottling line efficiency

Fewer steps in the label application process means fewer headaches at the bottling stage.

our process


Choose between designing a new label or refreshing your existing paper label.Monvera can guide you through the design process or introduce you to our network of design professionals. Browse our showroom and extensive color library for inspiration and design ideas.


Next, we'll discuss the specific details your project. We'll touch on bottle selection, timing, shipping requirements, quantities and other important details. Once we have the designs complete, colors confirmed and layout approved, we'll produce a sample so that you and your team can review it on your actual bottle.


This is where the magic happens. After you have approved your sample bottle, we'll print the rest of your glass with our industry-leading screen printing machines while monitoring for print quality, color, registration and bottle-care throughout the process.


Upon completion, you can pick up your decorated bottles or Monvera can arrange transportation for you. Carefully attention is paid to timing to ensure you receive your beautifully decorated bottles right in time for bottling. Enjoy!



We had our first bottling run yesterday and I got a good look at the printing on a few hundred bottles. Everything turned out great! Very consistent and clean. So far we have had great response about the label and printing.

-Eric Larimer, Owner
Sutherland Distilling

... we are SO pleased with how the bottle turned out! It looks absolutely gorgeous and it really does look just like how we’d hoped it would look!!.....honestly, we are so thrilled. Please let your production team know we are SO impressed with the quality of our sample – by far the best job we have ever seen!

-Ashley Laskowski, Graphic Designer/Marketing Coordinator
Washington Wine & Beverage Company

The bottles look amazing and I'm really happy with the results. Once again, you guys were able to help me realize an idea and turn into a beautiful bottle. Once filled with wine, the illustration really pops and I can't wait to get it into market.

-Iain Boltin, Owner/Winemaker
Eight Arms Cellars

The bottles look GREAT!! The etched one is beautiful and the Port bottles are perfect. Thank you for doing such a wonderful job and getting it done in such a timely fashion. I really appreciate working with you.

-Kelly Klein Muters, Allora Vineyards

We bottled yesterday and the final result looks FABULOUS! Thanks for all [Monvera] did to make this order process smoothly. Once again – I know that we are a very small customer, but you always make us feel like we are a giant!

-Pamela Sharp, Sharp’s Hill Vineyards

From day one, Monvera has been an amazing company to work with. We are a small start up company and needed attention and extra support imperative to any struggling young company. Monvera never asked how big the project was; just how they could help. I have personally referred their services to multiple colleagues and will continue doing so.

-Grant Long, Jr., ‘g’ Wine Cellars & Reverie



  • California - Olive Oil Council
  • Washington Association of Wine Grape Growers
  • The Society of Glass and Ceramic Decorated Products
  • Santa Lucia Highlands
  • American Distilling Institute
  • Zinfandel Advocates & Producers
  • Brewers Association

Press room


Monvera Glass Décor announces sponsorship of Inaugural ‘Women of the Vine’ Global Symposium

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Unique Wine Label Designed by Monvera Glass Décor
wins at San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition

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Monvera Glass Décor Named 2014
Label Printer of the Year

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Screen Printed Labels Steal the Show as Monvera Glass Décor Earns Three packagePrinting Excellence Awards

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RIP Foil Capsules? The recent release of Waugh Cellars’ new label is signaling a trend in wine labels and capsules.

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Monvera Glass Décor Completes $1.6M Expansion Plan to Address Increasing Demand for Bottle Labeling

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Monvera Glass Décor Announces New and Improved Design Services Department

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Monvera Glass Décor Announces New Bottle Decoration Service for Wine Clubs

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Monvera Glass Décor is a recipient of SGCDpro Design Gallery Award 2012

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Monvera Expands Full Service Bottle Etching Department

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Monvera Launches Unique Color Library

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Monvera Expands to Ford Point in Richmond

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Monvera Debuts Video Web-Series

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Monvera Continues Expansion Program

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Monarch Studios is now Monvera

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from ai. to amazing

Designing bottles to be screen printed opens up your creativity to a world of possibilities.

In addition to the branding impact, screen printed labels are extremely durable and resistant to scuffing.

This list of guidelines will save you time and money as you make your design decisions.

design considerations

  • - Your artwork should contain between 1 and 6 colors.
  • - If you decide to use precious metal inks in your design, they should not touch or overlap other colors. Where precious metal inks appear close to other colors, please make sure that at least 0.5mm of empty space divides them.
  • - The minimum line weight for clear, crisp printing can vary with the type of inks used. A typical minimum line weight is 0.4 pt. If your art contains very thin lines, please consult with us.
  • - The bottom of the design can extend down to 5mm from any mould markings on the bottle’s base.
  • - The top of the design can extend up to the shoulder of the bottle.
  • - Full 360-degree wraps are possible. Please consult with us during the design process.
  • - Gradients will print out as halftones, a technique that simulates continuous tones through the use of dots in varying sizes.
  • - During the printing process, the design can move +/- 2mm vertically and +/- 1mm horizontally.
  • - Barcodes should be printed in reverse, as they will scan better this way.
  • - QR (Quick Response) codes generated with shorter URLs will always scan better than longer URLs.

cost considerations

- The more colors you use, the greater the printing costs. There is an additional cost to using precious metal inks depending on how much ink is required for a given design. In addition, purple inks may contain precious metal gold and their use will result in additional costs.

designer's showcase

Read how top designers approach screen printed labels

Kraftwerk Jenny Doll Design John Schall Design
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